Decor Chimie


Lucien De Roeck worked on decors for exhibitions, inspired by Cassandre’s work: dynamic, perspective and typographic play. Cassandre’s influence resulted in De Roeck’s clear lines, the simple play of colours and thinking about the line and the shape. He designed models and decors for international exhibitions in Paris (1937), New York (1949) and Brussels (1958), where he designed the interior of the Palace of the Federation of the Belgian Chemical Industry in three dimensions. The design of the fantastic spectacle of stars and spheres was just a little taste of the futuristic atmosphere in ‘De Valstrik’, an adventurous comic strip in the Blake & Mortimer series, which Edgar Jacobs instantly started drawing after Expo 58.


Decor Chimie Sado 1
Decor Chimie Sado 2
Decors Chimie Schets
Paint and varnish, chemistry expo 58

Lucien De Roeck worked on various different decors for exhibitions
at the start of his career in the nineteen forties and fifties.

Lucien De Roeck
Decor Chimie Camping B
Decor Chimie Camping A
Decor Chimie Vacantie
Decor Chimie Eau